Cymatic Star (2015)
CYMATIC STAR - Myles de Bastion & Nick Tzaperas 2015, 5'x4.5', Acrylic, Shuji paper, and Micro-electronics
Debut exhibit at Portland Art Museum September 2016 - February 2017. Cymatic Star was visited by over 115,000 people as part of the "Sound Beyond the Auditory", Object Orientated Stories exhibition.
WHAT IS HAPPENING? - Your sound is displayed by LEDs across the triangles. A spectrum of colors show the sound's dynamics. Softer, higher frequency sounds are cooler colors and louder. lower frequency sounds are warmer colors.
The dynamics, loudness or softness, of environmental sound are analyzed by micro-electronics. A visual representation of these sound-waves ripple outward, across the triangles at 1/100th the speed of sound.
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